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Lotions, etc. are big business for a big boy who
demomstrates he has lots of horse sense

What should every tanning facility know about your company?

We are a company founded on basic but solid principles. Customers deserve
the best and we will continue to develop and deliver that to them.
We believe in our products, know they live up to the claims made, stand
behind them, and guarantee quality. Our quality control is state of the art,
which means a lot to salons because they know they offer quality products
to their customers.

What competitive advantage do your products give salons?

Hoss Sauce provides a complete line of products from which tanners may
choose, moving from the beginning tanner looking for a good base tan and
progressing to the professional tanner who is dark and looking for more.
Our products offer excellent moisturization and rehydration, and the ultimate
in vitamins and minerals for wonderful skin care. Anti-oxidants fight free
radical damage and promote healthier skin. We have prices for all budgets while providing quality products at all levels.

What incentives Or special progams do you offer salons?

Salons have the opportunity to work with a customer-service oriented
company producing quality products. The product's benefits are easy to learn
and sell. Progressive product line means repeat sales. Also, a cooperative
advertising program assists salons in planning, preparing and sometimes
paying for local advertising campaigns.

What is your company doing to support growth in the tanning market?

Hoss Sauce offers high-quality products at fair prices and will always do
our best to promote good skin care and smart tanning.

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