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Company Overview

Hoss Sauce is an industry leader in product development and refinement and continues to market the highest-quality products. The company provides an array of quality lotions that help kick-start a tan as well as advanced lotions that help clients burst through any tanning plateau. Tanners won’t find better products that are more extremely advanced in formulation and manufactured with the highest-quality ingredients than those developed by Hoss Sauce. World-class skincare is a major focal point of the company’s chemists who deliver quality results through new formulations that aid in developing a dark, rich and sexy tan.

The company offers its own special blend of bronzers, as well as tingles for every level of tanner—from beginners to most extreme. Its tan extenders and moisturizers are the finest to be found and to prove it, clients only need to try one.

New Products

The company’s research-and-development department has been focusing very hard on
advanced skincare, and the results are apparent in all of its products. The new Sun Sauce® line was formulated to include great levels of acceleration ingredients as well as do an excellent job of diminishing the effects of aging.

Hoss Sauce realizes how important it is for salons to sell products that generate repeat business. If a tanner is sold a product, it’s wonderful for them to return for more or choose another product from the same line. That only happens if a product is of the highest quality and delivers results that far exceed the claims being made.

Hoss Sauce remains a leader in the indoor tanning industry by making a major
commitment to continually develop products that deliver. Products and product lines may come and go, but there are very few that contain new innovations year after year.

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