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Dry Skin Can be More Than Just "Skin Deep”

Hemperor with Natureshea is a new breed of super moisturizer that delivers a vitamin and nutrient packed rehydration profile.

Houston, TX - Did you know that dry skin can be more then just "skin deep"?  Most adults with active normal lifestyles are commonly exposed to UV rays, pollution, free radicals, smoke, nutrient poor diets, dehydration and stress.   All of these factors slowly deplete valuable moisture and nutrients from your skin and over time contribute to premature aging and loss of cellular elasticity.  

If you want to give your skin a fighting chance and slow the hands of time you'll need a skin strategy for developing a more youthful appearance, and that process begins and ends with proper hydration and daily moisturizing.  Premium moisturizers like the Hemperor sooth and replenish tired skin, replacing and restoring what is lost or stolen during our daily routines.  Topical hydration with a premium moisturizer is an affordable and effective way of keeping your skin in a super hydrated state.  

Smooth and Sooth Dry Tired Looking Skin 

Each cell of our living, breathing being requires moisture to perform efficiently in the complex delivery of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that keep our wheels turning.   The skin (the bodies largest living organ) is a clever cellular wrapper that protects and preserves our most vulnerable parts.  Well hydrated skin protects, preserves and beautifies creating the perfect balance of natural style and function.

There are plenty of moisturizers in the marketplace, but only a few truly provide the essential ingredients to  scientifically benefit the skin.  One such modern hybrid product that harmoniously blends science and nature is the Hemperor moisturizer with Natureshea.  The Hemperor  is a new breed of super moisturizer that delivers a vitamin and nutrient packed rehydration profile.  

Hemperor goes several steps beyond your average herbal moisturizers by blending organic, botanical skin care, green technology and revolutionary micro-hydration technologies.  The Hemperor with Natureshea contains maximum levels of natures most powerful moisturizing ingredients.  

  • Shea Butter
  • Natural Hemp Seed Oil
  • Monoi Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamins C, E & A,
  • Natural Anti-Oxidants
  • Omega Oils
  • Ginseng
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • 18 floz $34.95

"Skin food" as Dale Hansen founder of Hoss Sauce creator of Hemperor calls his products.  "For over 17 years, we have developed quality skin care products for our clients.  It's what we do best," he adds.

If your looking for a line of products that offer 100% natural high quality ingredients, impressive results, and a personal commitment to quality skin care by it's master blender then Hemperor with Natureshea is are worthy of  the skin your in. 

JMC Houston
Houston, TX


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