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Essential Oils That Reduce the Signs of Aging.

Hoss Sauce Introduces the Hemperor

Houston, TX - The term anti-aging has almost become passé. It appears on the labels of designer water, food labels, energy bars, shampoo bottles, cosmetics and skin care lotions. But as often as we see it, we still reach for it, long for it and will do pretty much do anything to achieve it.

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential to anti-aging. Getting plenty of rest, daily exercise and consuming vitamin rich foods such as organic raw fruits and vegetables and lets not forget omega oil rich food like fish and raw nuts. Vitamins supplements can also provide the minerals and nutrients you might be missing in your anti- aging diet.

Let’s be honest, the one place that is the most difficult to keep youthful regardless of diet and exercise is the face. Wrinkles, age spots and crow's feet appear because of loss of elasticity, pollution and exposure to sunlight. They rob your face of essential oils and moisture, which also cause skin damage and aging.

One way to replenish your skin is a daily skin care regiment full of rich emollients and essential oils. Skin care products come in many different formulas. Research has found that skin care products that are formulated with essential oils enable your skins ability to rejuvenate and appear smooth and more youthful. Because essentials oils come from plants they are naturally great for the skin and have also been shown to possess antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. Hemp seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Monoi oil and Jojoba oil replenishes and tightens the skin. Chamomile, Ginseng and Comfrey extracts reduce inflammation, soothe and smooth the skin.

Here are some essential oils and their basic skin care benefits.

Hemp seed oil has a high content of Vitamin E, which is a natural anti-oxidant that protects skin from free radicals that degenerate, and kill skin cells. It is also rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Hemp seed oil can be used as a warm oil treatment for the hair, nourishing skin treatment or as a smoothing ingredient in lip balms.

Note: The oil has no psychoactive properties, because it contains no THC.

Sweet almond oil is used in many cosmetic products because it is rich in protein and can help reduce irritation and inflammation of the skin. It is effective on eczema, psoriasis and relieves dry, itchy and inflamed skin. This rich oil penetrates, moisturizes and restructures your skin.

Monoi oil is coconut oil refined to a cosmetic grade with a fragrance extracted from tropical flowers. It can be used as a facial moisturizer, as well as an all over body moisturizer. Monoi oil is the closest oil in nature to the oils found in your scalp and skin.

Chamomile extract contains active essential oil compounds, which are great for sensitive skin. This calming extract helps prevent blackheads and acne as well as soothe, soften and moisturize skin.

Ginseng extract is very popular because of its anti-aging benefits. It is especially beneficial for the skin because it enables the delivery of water and nutrients to the skin to improve tone and firmness. Ginseng extract revitalizes and conditions the skin creating a healthy glow

Comfrey extract is often used in cell therapy treatments; face creams and sun care preparations as a healing agent and moisturizer. This anti- inflammatory extract will also promote skin cell regeneration.

Searching for skin care products with essential oils can be a label-reading nightmare. Hoss Sauce creators of the popular Sun Sauce Sunless products has made it easy with a new essential oil rich skin firming and anti-aging lotion called the Hemperor Moisturizer.

The Hemperor has been formulated for the entire body. It’s gentle enough for your face yet thick and rich enough for your body. The Hemperor contains maximum levels of Shea Butter and essential oils such as

Hemp Seed Oil
Monoi Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Jojoba Oils
Vitamin E, A & C
Natural Antioxidants
Omega Oils
Green Tea Extract

Hemperor Moisturizer 18 fl oz $34.95

JMC Houston
Houston, TX


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