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June 2002

A Popular Posse
Q: Briefly describe your company's History.

A: Toward the end of the '80s, Dale Hansen, CEO of Hoss Sauce, was known throughout the industry as the Marshal of Tan Town," and he was spending a great deal of time in a local gym. During that time he was dared to tan. While he found that tanning was a very enjoyable experience, he also discovered tanning products left a great deal to be desired. Hansen didn't like the sticky feeling he found with some and the watery feeling he found with others,and the fragrance was definitely not something he enjoyed.

So Hansen contacted a couple of his friends, both chemists, about the idea of creating a quality line of tanning products. And the work began.

It was in 1991 that the development stages and testing were completed. Hansen urchased a complete manufacturing facility, hired the personnel to staff it - including one of the two chemists - and demanded quality control. The popularity of Hoss Sauce started to climb. In 1992 Hoss Sauce began appearing all over the United States.
Q: What do you do best to educate and support your customers?

A: We offer a Web site that contains a lot of information about each of our products; we have telephone conferencing for training; we offer a catalog full of product information and we provide a
highly trained staff to answer calls, e-mails or faxes that come to us.

Q: Suppliers usually compete on quality, service and/or price. Describe your
business philosophy.

A: Our business philosophy is pretty basic. We believe in giving tanners the highest quality products that exceed any and all claims made about them. We want to deliver quality skin care and wonderful tanning results to every tanner, whether he or she is a first-time tanner or a seasoned veteran.

Q: Give us one example of bow you provide your customers with exceptional
customer service.

A: we are available to answer question, seven days a week. If a person has a question or a concern we are just a toll-free telephone call away.
Q: What special purchasing ort promotional programs do you offer salons?

A: We currently have several special programs going at this time and plan to continue offering more. First, we offer a co-op advertising plan that is easy to take advantage of and each program is judged on its own merits. If a salon is having a promotion and it wants to advertise in the paper, on the radio or even on television, it should contact our advertising department to discuss its needs. And we also get involved with salons when they are having open houses, expansion promotions, new salon openings, etc.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The future of Hoss Sauce looks bright and we are working very hard to develop relationships with distributors in many foreign countries. Currently, we are developing new and exciting products, which will be added to our line of quality tanning products for the 2003 season.

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